Under Duct Insulation

Generally, you will not need insulation for heating and air-conditioning ducts that are enclosed in already well-insulated portions of your house. But, if the ducts for either your heating or your air-conditioning system run above the ceiling or below the floors, they should be insulated. Our range of under duct insulation is a multi purpose designed tile, most ideally suited for False Ceiling and stick on ceiling tile for instant application.

Thermofrost Ceiling Tile

Approx. Rs 114 / Piece(s)

Thermofrost ceiling tile is a multi purpose designed tile most ideally suited for false ceiling and stick on ceiling tile for instant application. A versatile insulation tile, most suitable for homes, showrooms, office complex, banks and hotels, available in snow white colour. Type of applications in false ceiling are:
  • Aluminum tee section framework
  • Wooden framework concealed type
  • Can be stuck directly to the underside of the roof
  • Can be easily painted by brush or spray only with water based paints or emulsion as an advantage
  • "Thermofrost" Ceiling Tile is a light weight, rigid Expanded Polystyrene containing 98% by volume still air entrapped in its millions of minute closed cells.
  • This explains its outstanding insulation properties and remarkable resistance to moisture, vapour penetration, making it the ideal low temperature insulation material with the best combination of its desirable properties.
  • High insulating efficiency - Non hygroscopic. High moisture resistance
  • Lowest permeability among insulation materials
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Does not warp or bend
  • Odourless and possesses no food value
  • Free from contamination
  • Does not attract organic spores and fungi.
  • Reduces the cost of ceiling insulation by 15%
  • Just 16 mm thickness of Thermofrost Tiles has the insulating property of 16" of conventional roof thickness.
  • Reduces heat gains by 14% and keeps even non-air conditioned rooms cool.
  • Reduces power consumption 12% to 15%
  • Highly decorative and functional.
  • Reduce the load on air conditioners and thereby reduces maintenance costs.

Fire Resistant Phenolic Foam

Approx. Rs 50 / Square Feet(s)

Backed by talented workforce, we offer phenotherm fire-resistant phenolic foam products in different types. These products receive appreciation for its features of:
  • High slab density
  • Pipe sections
  • Nominal bore
As per client’s specifications, we can provide the products in different thickness and facings.