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Under Duct Insulation

Generally, you will not need insulation for heating and air-conditioning ducts that are enclosed in already well-insulated portions of your house. But, if the ducts for either your heating or your air-conditioning system run above the ceiling or below the floors, they should be insulated. Our range of under duct insulation is a multi purpose designed tile, most ideally suited for False Ceiling and stick on ceiling tile for instant application.

Thermofrost Ceiling Tile

Approx. Rs 114 / Piece(s)

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Thermofrost ceiling tile is a multi purpose designed tile most ideally suited for false ceiling and stick on ceiling tile for instant application. A versatile insulation tile, most suitable for homes, showrooms, office complex, banks and hotels, available in snow white colour. Type of applications in false ceiling are:
  • Aluminum tee section framework
  • Wooden framework concealed type
  • Can be stuck directly to the underside of the roof
  • Can be easily painted by brush or spray only with water based paints or emulsion as an advantage
  • "Thermofrost" Ceiling Tile is a light weight, rigid Expanded Polystyrene containing 98% by volume still air entrapped in its millions of minute closed cells.
  • This explains its outstanding insulation properties and remarkable resistance to moisture, vapour penetration, making it the ideal low temperature insulation material with the best combination of its desirable properties.
  • High insulating efficiency - Non hygroscopic. High moisture resistance
  • Lowest permeability among insulation materials
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Does not warp or bend
  • Odourless and possesses no food value
  • Free from contamination
  • Does not attract organic spores and fungi.
  • Reduces the cost of ceiling insulation by 15%
  • Just 16 mm thickness of Thermofrost Tiles has the insulating property of 16" of conventional roof thickness.
  • Reduces heat gains by 14% and keeps even non-air conditioned rooms cool.
  • Reduces power consumption 12% to 15%
  • Highly decorative and functional.
  • Reduce the load on air conditioners and thereby reduces maintenance costs.

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Fire Resistant Phenolic Foam

Approx. Rs 50 / Square Feet(s)

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Backed by talented workforce, we offer phenotherm fire-resistant phenolic foam products in different types. These products receive appreciation for its features of:
  • High slab density
  • Pipe sections
  • Nominal bore
As per client’s specifications, we can provide the products in different thickness and facings.

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INSUboard of Supreme


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INSUboard – Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is a rigid foam board having

100% closed cell structure and is produced in a fully automated

continuous extrusion process in accordance with international

specification and standards. Its unique properties of high compressive

strength and low water absorption makes it an ideal insulating material for

foundations, walls, roofs and floors.

Key Features:

• High resistance to heat flow i.e. low thermal Conductivity

• Resistance to water vapor diffusion and water absorption

• Uniform density distribution

• Relative high compressive strength

• Ageing resistance (Thermal Properties are retained over time)

• Resistance to bacteria and micro-organism growth.

The cost of energy and demand for air-conditioning in buildings is constantly increasing.

with increased energy conservation becoming more and more relevant, the ability of the

product selected to effectively insulate a building - of whatever type - is equally


Insulation should be viewed as a long-term investment, consequently, one of the best

ways to optimize this investment is to conserve energy by providing high quality effective

insulation for buildings.

Heat Flow - INSUboard provides an excellent resistance to heat flow. There is no change in the K value (Thermal

Water Vapour - INSUboard closed cell structure provides exceptional resistance to water permeability. INSUboard will

3 Density - INSUboard has a uniform high density of 34-36kg/m (Std.) and depending upon the thickness

conductivity) of the material after prolonged usage and hence the heat flow to the system remains


absorb only < 1% water by volume.

compressive strength ranges from 300 to 400 k.Pa., which makes it an ideal solution for over deck

insulation & floor insulation in cold storages.

Flame Retardant XPS foam.

Fire - INSUboard is tested on the parameters of DIN 4102, under the grade B1 & B2, It is been tested as a

Dimensional Stability - The regularity and homogeneity of INSUboard cellular composition ensures good dimensional stability.


INSUboard is ideal for energy conservation and efficiency in a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings

and in private dwellings.

Handling & Packaging Details

The sheets are packed in plastic cover to avoid any damage during transit or at the site. Care

should be taken while handling/transporting to avoid puncturing and damaging the joints

and surface of the INSUboard.

The standard size for the INSUBOARD is 1250mm X 600mm or 2500mm X 600mm

(Customised based on MOQ)


INSUboard must be stored in a shaded area on wooden pallets neatly covered by a thick fabric and tied securely in a manner that

will minimize exposure to sunlight and UV. Excessive exposure to sunlight, UV and other sources of heat will result in

considerable deterioration of the product and reduce its thermal and physical properties.

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