Kavita Trading Co.

Kavita Trading Co.

Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra


Infrastructure & Facilities

Warehousing Facility

Our company possesses a spacious and fully furnished warehousing facility, which is strategically located at a transport-friendly location. This facility includes various separate racks which allow storing every product independently. This results in easy storing as well as easy and fast retrieval.

The warehousing facility is highly automated and we possess various equipments which allow effortless and timeless storage, retrieval process. It entire facility is managed by a team of experts which includes warehousing experts and security personnel.

The experts ensure that quality of the stocked products is maintained and there is no shortage of any product in the warehouse. The security personnel safe guard the warehousing premises to prevent the products and property to be damaged by some unwanted external sources.

State of the art Infrastructure

To fulfill the bulk and varying demands of the industry, we possess a state of the art infrastructure. It has assisted us in acquiring a recognized and enviable position in the market. Our infrastructure includes a well equipped manufacturing unit an in-house design unit.

The manufacturing unit incorporates an assortment of machines and tools that are based on latest technology. These machines assist us in increasing our production capacity along with ensuring the production of qualitative products only. This unit is spread over a vast area which also includes wide open spaces, which marks our environment friendly approach. Our infrastructure also incorporates various departments that handle different activities of our company. This ensures maximum productivity and fast completion of client’s orders.